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Cynthia England

Picture Piecing

Picture Piecing (all levels):

This class teaches you how to work from a photograph to create your own realistic quilt. Students will begin by working from a simple design that will be provided to learn the sewing technique. This unique technique is NOT a foundation or paper piecing technique; you are on the right side of the fabric and there is NO paper to pick out. After the sewing portion of the class, students will work through a design packet to explore techniques for breaking up different kinds of designs.

Required Material Fee of $18.00 for Design Supplies for the sectioning portion of class… payable in class.

Optional Material Fee of $35.00* for Smoky Mts. pattern and fabric, includes borders and binding……payable in class…. Important Note: Must order when signing up.

(Materials fee: $18; $35* )

Open/ Download Materials List Here


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Kay Khan

Quilt Experiments: In Search of Your Creative Edge

Quilt Experiments: In Search of Your Creative Edge (all levels):

Creativity is a constant cycle. We play, we edit. In this workshop, you’ll experiment and, yes, “play” with ways to build up layers of fabric using quilting, stitching, appliqué, rearranging, deconstructing, and collage.

We’ll start every day by making at least two 12″ square flat panels of thick quilting. (This is the basic technique I developed that I use in all my work. I quilt first – before stitching any imagery or patterns. This is the opposite of traditional quilting.) These panels are the structure that is like your prepared canvas. They’ll be used for our experiments. We’ll cut parts out, reconfigure them, and, although in this class we’ll be working in two dimensions, we’ll start to add three-dimensional elements. Directed exercises will constantly transform the artwork & challenge you! Be forewarned: some of the panels will be completely altered! It’ll be interesting and fun, I promise. As you learn new approaches, each of you will begin to use them in an individual project.

Rather than making a finished piece (time forbids!), you will, in this class, discover unexpected combinations and learn new techniques.

(Materials fee: none)

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Velda Newman

Layers: Color, Shape, Texture & Form

Layers: Color, Shape, Texture & Form (Intermediate):

This class throws all the rules of stringent design out the window. First we will explore machine stitching techniques for texture and shape. Next will be the basic lessons for how to paint on fabric. Using acrylic paints, learn how to get “color, shading and form” into a piece. We will also be using other mediums such as resist, pencils and Copic inks for detail work.

We will be working with an overhead projector. This will give us a choice of sizes (up to 3’X3’) to choose from, for the composition. Bring magazine photos of simple, defined shapes, such as flowers, fish, fruit, veggies, birds; these ideas work best for this class. Stuck for ideas? I will bring some design sheets with me that you may purchase for $8.00 a sheet

(Materials fee: $30)

Open/ Download Materials List Here


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Katie Pasquini Masopust

Jumpstart Design and Creativity

Jumpstart Design and Creativity  (all levels):

Learn the basics of good design and explore exercises to unleash the creative process. Bring out your inner artist and learn to apply the principles to making of art quilts.

Each day starts with a different exercise in color and composition. You will work mostly in a 12 inch square format. These exercises can then be a start of a larger piece, if desired. Composition with Line and shape will be explored as well as addressing negative space, soft and hard edges, abstraction of realistic inspirations, etc. Critiques of work will be held each evening.

(Materials fee: none)

Open/ Download Materials List Here


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Independent Study

Participants in Independent Study will join in on the festivities, the good food, the lecture series and everything else that goes along with attending Alegre Retreat and will work unsupervised in a class room having a set time for self critiques within their group. Each teacher will set aside one hour of class time to share their critiques of your work if desired.

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