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Alegre Retreat 2024 Classes

Alegre Retreat
  • Sue Benner
  • Susan Carlson
  • Cat Larrea
  • Katie Pasquini Masopust
  • Independent Study

Sue Benner

Wild Abandon: Collage/Layer/Abstract 

Take your work to unknown places!

Sue will guide you through building abstract quilt surfaces with layers of collaged fabric and paint. The aim is to put aside your perfectionist inner critic and freely compose with intuition (and abandon). Sue will provide you with just enough structure to give you room to improvise. Working with recycled, unusual, non-precious (and some precious) materials, expect to make a series of several experimental works and start a larger individual work later in the week. You will collage, stitch, glue, fuse, and paint your way to discovery.

All Levels

Supply List: Wild Abandon: Collage/Layer/Abstract

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Susan Carlson

Fabric Collage Images

Create a fabric collage quilt of your own chosen subject using Susan’s innovative layering/collage technique. Emphasis will be on individual design, fabric selection, and the fabric collage process. Class includes a pre-class Zoom group coaching session. Required: ownership of the Susan Carlson Master Class——an online resource “manual” to refer to before, during, and after class——$169 after student discount, payable to Susan, yours for life ($199 regular price). Fee is waived if student already owns the Master Class.

All Levels

Supply List: Fabric Collage Images

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Cat Larrea

Desktop Dye Painting


Have you wanted to try fiber reactive dyeing, but didn’t think you had the right environment at home?  No problem!  Come learn techniques for dye painting on a small scale.  Using Procion MX dyes, we’ll explore and test techniques for creating and applying color to fabric in an environment similar to what would suffice for watercolor painting.  By using just a few single hue dyes, we will spend a couple of days mastering dye mixing, creating dye paints, and begin a permanent reference set and notebook for predictively creating colors on fabric.  Participants will then choose an image of their choice to practice whole cloth painting, painting for applique, or they may opt to continue building their set of reference material.  This is primarily a technique learning class, so you needn’t fret about having to make a masterpiece!  There will be a $30 student lab fee for supplies and tools students will keep.

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Supply List: Desktop Dye Painting

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Katie Pasquini Masopust

Stitched Paintings from Landscapes to Still Life

This class combines painting and quilting. Using Acrylic paint the students will create layers of imagery onto thin canvas, applying fused fabrics and many layers of thin fluid acrylic paint. A color scheme is chosen and two to three canvases are painted within that color scheme. Then these canvases are cut apart and combined to create a complex composition. The reconstructed canvas is then layered with batting and backing and stitched. These stitched pieces can then be stretched on a frame ready to hang or inserted into a quilt of the same design to create a many textured creation. Emphasis for painting and construction will be split between 3 types of work: landscape, abstract and still life.

All Levels

Supply List: Stitched Paintings from Landscapes to Still Life

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Independent Study

Participants in Independent Study will join in on the festivities, the good food, the lecture series and everything else that goes along with attending Alegre Retreat and will work unsupervised in a class room having a set time for self critiques within their group. Each teacher will set aside one hour of class time to share their critiques of your work if desired.

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