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Jane Dunnewold

Color Wheel Dyeing and Overdyeing


Join me in an approach to the use of fiber reactive MX dyes driven by the twelve color families on the color wheel. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned dyer, this approach will engage every ounce of you that loves color and cloth! I will cover all of the basics, so you’ll have a solid grounding in dye and color theory, and then the fun will begin. We will dye fat quarters of fabric in each of the twelve pure colors, and then expand the repertoire by over-dyeing with complements, analogous colors, and pure gray for toning. We will be using the pure, unmixed dyes in the MX dye family, and this will give you an understanding of how to achieve any color combination you desire – eliminating the unexpected and aggravating “uninvited colors” that pop up when you stick to “off the shelf” colors. Take control of your dye world and have a blast doing it with me. Each participant will take home at least 48 fat quarters of cloth to use in stitching and quilting projects!

All Levels

Supplies List: Color Wheel Dyeing and Overdyeing

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Paula Kovarik

At Play in the Garden of Stitch

A 5-day workshop devoted to free-motion quilting and composition. Using stitch in artwork begins with an expressive line. Loosen up and explore new territory with line and stitch in this free-motion quilting workshop. Learn to focus on the character of line and personal symbols through simple drawing, composition and stitching exercises.

All Levels

Supply List: At Play in the Garden of Stitch

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Terrie Hancock Mangat

We Move Mountains

Inspired by the amazing landscape at Gateway Canyon, we will plein air paint the first two days and use these paintings for inspiration for our quilts.  We could move the structure of the land to suit our composition, and change the colors we see to suit our own color palette. The image for your quilt can be hand drawn from your painting information on approximately 40 to 50 inch brown paper, or you can trace parts of your paintings on acetate and have it blown up on the second evening, ready on Wednesday morning to start the quilt. Some may be ready earlier to start on the quilt. I have been enjoying catching the visual information in paint, making the quilt, and then going back in on the painting with what I learned in making the quilt. Composition, value, and color will be discussed and emphasized. Hand outs will be given for these important art considerations. The techniques demonstrated will be hand reverse appliqué, hand piecing, hand embroidery, and free form cutting.

All Levels

Supply List: We Move Mountains

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Katie Pasquini Masopust

Grid Work

A painting or a photograph will be combined with a grid to create an organic structure embraced within the lines. This is a great way to break down a complex design into doable 5-inch units. You can work with appliqué, piecing, paper piecing, or fusing to create each block. The blocks will be connected with a thin strip of fabric to create the lines of the grid. Each little block will be constructed, quilted, and embellished before they are sewn together in a quilt-as-you-go method.

You can either work from a photograph or a painting, we will all be painting the first day to see which we would like better: creating from a painting or from an inspirational photo. I will supply canvas and/or watercolor paper to paint on.

All Levels

Material List: Grid Work

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Independent Study

Participants in Independent Study will join in on the festivities, the good food, the lecture series and everything else that goes along with attending Alegre Retreat and will work unsupervised in a class room having a set time for self critiques within their group. Each teacher will set aside one hour of class time to share their critiques of your work if desired.  

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