Alegre Retreat

These companies have donated monies or books in support of Alegre Retreat. Please show our thanks by supporting these companies whenever possible.

These companies have donated support for the Alegre Retreat:

C&T Publishing www.ctpub.com


Friends of Alegre Retreat
These companies have donated books for the library and for door prizes:

Alex Anderson Quilters Select Products alexandersonquilts.com
AQS www.americanquilter.com
Aurifil www.aurifil.com
Batik Textiles batiktextiles.com
C&T Publishing www.ctpub.com
Clothworks www.clothworks.com
Cloud 9 Fabrics cloud9fabrics.com
Coats and Clark
Fairfield Processing www.fairfieldworld.com
Free Spirit www.freespiritfabrics.com
Hannah Silks www.hanahsilk.com
Hobbs batting www.hobbsbatting.com
Hoffman Fabrics hoffmancaliforniafabrics.net
In the Beginning www.inthebeginningfabrics.com
Jane Dunmewold www.janedunnewold.com
Jean Wells jeanwellsquilts.com
Jeff Vogel, Kari and Fay of Hi Fashion Fabrics www.hifashiongj.com
Katie’s Collections www.katiepm.com
Lunn Fabrics www.lunnfabrics.com
Marcus Fabrics marcusfabrics.com
Mark Pasquini
Mettler www.amann-mettler.com
Northcott www.northcott.net
Robert Kaufman www.robertkaufman.com
SAQA www.saqa.com
Sulky of America www.sulky.com
The Warm Company warmcompany.com
TQS thequiltshow.com
Turtle Hand Batik www.turtlehand.com
Valori Wells valoriwells.com


We would like to thank these kind people for donating to the scholarship fund:

Cathy Shanahan
Cheryl Gaston
Hannah Silks by Brooke Exley www.hanahsilk.com
Jeannie Moore
John and Maureen Hendricks
Katie’s Collections by Katiepm www.katiepm.com
Lynn Elkington
Martelli Notions martellinotions.com
Sandy Chapin in honor of Elspeth Hart
Sue Bailey
Sylvia Sutherland